segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2008

Lights on the stage…

She here comes

Playing the dice of life
To see where can I arrive
But they won’t stop!
Eyes on clock, where am I?
Hands looking crops!
Radio’s song screams “let’s go!”
Almost as instinct I know
Why? What for?
Now’s the time, where am I?
Its south or north?
Like a soul, my skin fades
By the way that she treads
She goes up!
She here comes, where am I?
I think I’ll drop!

Lights on the stage and silence on the pit
There's no way to mute the heart
Alcohol’s doses to erase what I’ve did
Doing acting’s part, ‘till no breath
What one has to do to be in your roller play
And forever and ever there stay
Lights on the stage ‘cause she here comes
And hers loves run me away
And the alcohol’s doses make more flutter
The asks of dead are gray
So love, so cool, so glad
How to know what’s next?
…Just you can say, “Its okay!”