sábado, 2 de maio de 2009

(None can ever know what this was…)

– No matter what I try to do It’s make me remember you
No matter what’s meaning in your eyes I’ll see hope
I don’t care what anyone can seek say about, I’ll do
I don’t care about anything where I won’t found the dope –

(Just because…)

I’m a depression guy,
I can feel the happiness inside
Going away, being drained
By the grey hopeless

I’m a cursed corpse
Rotting while the rain drops,
A failed on the hang knot,
Withered lily knop

Broken heart love story’s
High level melancholy

This supply my need
For the comfort of the grief,
I’m young but I feel likes I’d lived
Thousand years tortured

I try to cry, I really do,
But tears do never fall to fool,
I’m dead by a feeling so cruel,
I was killed for you

Low level of self glory
Of a failed love story

Sounding me like jazz,
Sometimes the loneliness,
Make me feel full unbend,
Make me see the end

Trading with the Death
For a new chance to take back
To show you all the feeling
That I was locking

Broken heart love story’s
High level melancholy

No way out from me,
No means to cross the sea
Who keeps you on dream
And drive to limb

I’m puking of pain,
In my heart you’re the main
Of the reason makes me sick,
You’re a love trick

Broken heart love story’s
High level melancholy
Low level of self glory
That’s the end of the worry


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Ale disse...

Que tudo! adoro poesia em inglês, e posso aprender como autodidata...